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Damon Salvatore

Post by Damon Salvatore on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:48 pm

General information

Character Name: Damon Salvaotore
Age: 25/174
Birth date: June 18
Current home: Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Supernatural entity: Vampire

Physical Description

Damon Salvatore

Dress Style: favoring darker clothing; black shirts, t-shirts and boots underneath darkened jeans and black trousers and usually a leather jacket

Background Information

History: Damon was born during the 1800's and lived in the colonial town of Mystic Falls with his brother Stefan, his father, Giuseppe Salvatore, and also with his mother Lillian Salvatore until her death in 1858. He became a vampire in 1864. At the time of his return to Mystic Falls, Damon and Stefan hadn't seen each other in fifteen years due to their bitter and violent relationship.

In the 1950's, Damon was captured and tortured by the Augustine society, led by the Whitmore family, who experimented on vampires for a "bigger purpose". During his five years of captivity, he meets another prisoner, Enzo, with whom he became best friends with. Eventually, the plan the two made failed at a critical moment and thinking Enzo "died" because of him, Damon turned off his humanity to suppress the guilt and sadness. He sought revenge, an act of hunting down every member over generations which he finally ends with Aaron Whitmore's death.

Damon's sole purpose in coming back to Mystic Falls was to free Katherine Pierce, the vampire who turned him and who he deeply loved. After realizing that Katherine never loved him, his love for her faded as his friendship with Elena, Katherine's descendant and doppelgänger, grows. Due to her impact on him and the strengthening relationship with his brother, they begin working together to protect Elena, along with her friends and family.


Mother: Lillian Salvatore / 38/193 / Living / Vampire
Father: Giuseppe Salvatore / 53 / Deceased / Human
Brother: Stefan Salvatore / 17/167 / Living  / Vampire

Family History: The Salvatore Family is one of the Founding Families in the series. The family originally comes from Florence, Italy, as evidenced by the Florentine seal on some parts of the Salvatore Boarding House. Like the Petrova family, the Salvatore family is also known for having a bloodline of doppelgängers, known as the Salvatore Doppelgängers. The Salvatore Family has been linked to both the Petrova Family and the Bennett Family since 1st century BC, also known as the Biblical Times. The Salvatore Family has also been linked with the Gilbert Family, the Lockwood Family, the Fell Family, and the Forbes Family since the mid 1800's
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Re: Damon Salvatore

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