Cassandra Rose

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Cassandra Rose

Post by Cassandra Rose on Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:54 am

General information

Character Name: Cassandra Rose
Age: 501
Birth date: First Winter Moon
Current home: Unknown
Sexual alignment: Pansexual
Supernatural entity: Angel

Physical Description


Dress Style: Varying, usually casual and or ladylike

Background Information

History: Cassandra  “Rose” is a young angel in terms of age, she doesn’t know if she was born or created she just was. She grew up in what is called “The Nothingness” Where green fields and everything that can be dreamt of can be supposedly done. She cannot speak too much of it to non Angels, as those who pass over must experience it for themselves and the afterlife can never really be known. Not until one is dead. She has watched over the Salvatore family for generations, and has become their sort of guardian angel. Finally deciding to make herself known,  she learned all the angel skills needed to become a visible guardian to the Salvatore family. Namely. Damon. As the oldest Salvatore she appears first to him. And at first only to him, until it is decided that others should see her.
Rose does not tell too much information of herself, however appearing to Damon is the first time she has taken a human physical form. She can change her appearance, including facial structures, clothes etc. She does not believe in good in evil as such, but her duty is to protect the Salvatore’s and any who are associated with them. If Damon wants to massacre someone, unless they are protected she is happy to watch him do it and will stand back. Death is nothing, death is a part of life as she sees. As long as  Damon and Stefan and their offspring living with them, and partners and such are safe her job is complete. She first appeared to Damon in a bar, drugging him then taking him to a prison of sorts where she could talk to him. Then revealed who she was, and pledged his safety.

Family History:
Cassandra Rose

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Re: Cassandra Rose

Post by Elena Gilbert on Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:20 pm

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