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Cassie Montez

Post by Cassie Montez on Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:54 pm

General information

Character Name: Cassie Elisa Montez
Age: 17
Birth date: 12th May
Current home: Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Hetero
Supernatural entity: werewolf

Physical Description

Cassie Montez

Dress Style: She wears basically everything but you see her more in jeans, t-shirts and jackets since this is most comfortable to her. She wears dresses only formal events mostly or when she finds it good idea to wear one.

Background Information

History: She was born as totally normal human kid who lived her life quietly. She had everything what she needed in her life. Parents and even older brother with who she did get along but all this changed one day. It was around time when she was 14 years old girl.

That's when Cassie did get to know she is actually werewolf and if she kills someone then it will come out. She tried to be careful around people since then. She didn't really wanna kill someone when she was really mad. She didn't really wanna become werewolf. Her parents accidentally said it out near her, they their own discussed when it's good time to tell to kids. Cassie was for sure at first shocked of hearing it.

But when she was 16 she accidentally in rage killed girl who she hated ever since she was kid. They never did get along and that girl always did get on nerves. It was in her house and her parents actually saw it and ever since then she have began to be even more careful around people. Then she did found out that his brother had became one too few weeks ago.

They all decided to move to Mystic Falls where they thought it would be more safer for them to live in now one. Since then Cassie have attended to Mystic High School and her brother has graduated already.


Mother: Carolyn Montez / 40 / Living / Human
Father: Oscar Montez / 41 / Living / Werewolf
Siblings: James Montez / 20 / Living / Werewolf

Family History: Montez family has always been carrying the werewolf genie in them. It will come out when someone kills someone body in purpose or even accidentally. This isn't really very known fact since there isn't really many alive Montez'es nowadays. Mostly Oscar's family and his brother Oliver's family, who just so far has no kids and seems like he never will he is already like 36 years old man and her wife is same age. It's bit late for kids already but no one never knows what can happen. Her mother side is been mostly humans. There might been some vampires in their family but they haven't really known ones. She doesn't have any siblings alive, as far she knows. They all died in fire when Carolyn was 6 years old girl. Even since then she grow up in foster family. Oscar and Carolyn did met when they both were around their twenties. They did fall in love and soon after that had James. They actually married couple months later when James had born. Few years later Cassie was born. And rest you already know.
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Re: Cassie Montez

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