Remnant the Celtic "Demon"

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Remnant the Celtic "Demon"

Post by Remnant on Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:58 pm

General information

Full name: Remnant Wyatt Winchester
Real Name: Brian Cadeyrn Brennus
Age: 924
Birth date: sometime in the calendar of June
Current home: a Graveyard
Sexual alignment: Straight
Supernatural entity: Original Vampire

Physical Description

Remnant Wyatt Winchester

Dress Style: Rem is about six foot two without his boots on, his skin is pretty pale even for a Vampire. His eyes are pure red, no pupil unless he is thoroughly angry with you. His hair is somewhat long, goes past his chin and is black with red tips. His fangs never show unless he makes them show. He wears all black save for his sanguine tank top under his long leather coat. Three belts go around his waist over the coat keeping it closed, his pants are baggy and his boots look heavy even though they are not. He has gloves on his hands made of leather to hide his scarred up hands, he can form talons from his fingers as well.


Personality: Remnant is a very bad man, loves killing people as well as torturing them. However he never is that way full out, he will work with you - make you trust him and slowly kill you if you allow it. He will warn you he is a demon, that you shouldn't be near him but if you stay, you will get his curse and you will die as well. He knows no one can understand him and he respects that but he doesn't want to see the worn soul be torn by his darkness or anyone else. He will seem like he likes you but he is befriending you, to get you to see him as he is not what everyone else does. No one will ever understand him; he is evil but he is good. Rem is also rather good with bluffing, and has a soft spot for children. He never hurts a child.

- Children
- Rena
- Being a pain

- Dramatic idiots
- Bards
- Alcohol

Fears/phobias: Loosing Rena forever

Hobbies: Playing the flute

- Making Medicinal ointments
- Playing the flute

Fire- can make fire bend to his will but cannot conjure it. The fire must have been there for him to bring it to life.


- Friendship
- Darkness
- Bluffing/Misleading
- Speaking in Latin/Irish
- Mixing Herbs

- Children
- Bright Colors
- Holy Artifacts
- Celtic Runes
- Light Magic

Background Information

History: Back before the word "Vampire" ever was possible to be placed on a man or woman the Ancients devised a plan, to live among-st the people they needed to feed on. It would be well thought out and by this they stayed hidden; it worked and the best way they stayed hidden was through healers, warlords, men of burial. One Ancient family, the Brennus, belonged to a group called the Celts. They were all at keeping it secret, save for their son Brian. Brian never knew of his heritage of Nosferatu, never even had blood -well as far as he knew-. Brian was a healer, it was all he knew and best part his family were Daywalkers. Since his raising or birth from his mother he was taught how to heal but more so how to take care of the fallen. By the physical age of seventeen he took over the healing profession from his father. He became the most well known healer in his village but he had a problem, Brian wouldn't treat children. A strange outbreak happened as he was eighteen; many people got sick and the first patient he got was a child. It scared him, he still was new to this and he didn't want to loose the kid if he got it wrong. Brian's father was helping him but the boy messed up, he was too nervous and he made the boy sicker. He spent weeks apologizing but after that he swore never to treat children unless they were hurt from cuts. Soon his family moved away and left him, he was nearing the age of time-stop, a point in a vampires life when their bodies quit aging.

No one noticed it over the years but hey did see that he wouldn't leave his home, many thought he was lucky to look so young and yet be old. Brian never understood this but he went with it, thinking he was human. Though rumor spread after a white haired lad told everyone that he saw him drinking blood and using the bodies of the dead for experiments. Yes, he tampered with the dead but only to learn anatomy. He never drank blood save for using it to flavor his meat. Though when someone caught him in the graveyard beside his home putting a disfigured body in a grave they screamed at him and called him a freak. They chased him into town by pelting him with stones and anything solid they could toss at him. Brian was cornered and knelt on the ground covering his head and wondering why he did wrong, no one cared before.

A hit to the head made him lurch and fall but was dragged up and ran-through with a long pike, it missed his heart by an inch. The healer was unconscious and looked dead, he wasn't breathing. They broke the pike and dragged him to a pit and sealed him in a black stone coffin with ruby colored runes to keep his defiled soul inside. They then built a maze around him with doors and stairs that led nowhere, it was sealed over and the entrance had a running stream blocking the exit. No way his soul could escape unless age took it.

Over three hundred years passed him and the lid cracked, he woke up and screamed as he pushed the lid up and off. He ripped the stake out and crawled from the stone case, his eyes were black and soulless with an edge he never had before. He was hungry, thirsty, enraged, and without memory. He no longer knew who he was, bu he knew one thing— the urge to feed. What he was had been woken up and best part he wanted to show these mortals the horror he suffered. Living but dead. He ran the maze for fifty years before he learned it's secret. Coming out he still looked hungry and the first thing that stopped him was water, running water, chuckling he crossed it and broke the system making it stop. He wasn't scared but this new life would be hard and he had to learn to live it. The town he once lived in was gone but the house and graveyard wasn't. He went to it and learned a relative took care of it, he gladly took the house by force and left them half dead as punishment for not helping him. The male gave himself a name "Remnant" for brink a fragment of the past but as the years turned others gave him names. "Wyatt" came from a Hunter he killed in defense and "Winchester" came from a gun left at the mausoleum he had been sealed far under. He lived in the mausoleum but also in the house. It was far from the town that was active but he never went there unless he was visiting the outskirts.

Remnant however befriended a young child who was blind, she was his only friend and he only one who understood him. She took care of him and he took care of her. Every time he went to see her he left a rose for her, to let her know he was there with her. She was the only one he never hurt, she made this life possible for him. Rem also spent some of his days hunting the stranger who started his pain, but as well showing the Humans what it was like to be Dead Alive, save for children.


Doesn't remember them much - they are dead

Family History: N/A

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Re: Remnant the Celtic "Demon"

Post by Elena Gilbert on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:39 pm

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