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Lycanth Romano

Post by Lycanth Romano on Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:37 pm

General information

Character Name: Lycanth Romano
Age: 500 at the moment looks like he is 18
Birth date: October 31
Current home: Traveling
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Supernatural entity: Original Werewolf

Physical Description

Lycanth Romano

Dress Style: Unbuttoned plaid shirts, loose fit jeans, and usually a pair of black ankle boots

Background Information

History: Lycanth was born about two hundred years ago. He was considered to be normal though that was proven to be wrong when he was was eighteen and killed someone who was attacking a friend of his. During the first full moon after this killing he found out that he was one of the first to carry the werewolf gene as he changed very painfully into a werewolf. After this he would never stay in one place for more then a couple months before he moved on as he was scared as to what would to him if he did.

He had served in the army for about five years when he was dishonorably discharged. He then moved on and got several jobs as a stripper as he couldn't hold down anything else. As his always wanting to be off during the full moon. Though his agent made sure that he was always off during the full moon not asking why he needed to be off.


Mother:Adaline Romano / 85/ Deceased / Human (werewolf gene carrier)
Father: Richardo Romano / 90 /Deceased / Human
Siblings: N/A

Family History:All that was known about the Romano family was destroyed due to questionable occurrences

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Re: Lycanth Romano

Post by Thana Semele on Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:52 pm


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