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Anna Zhu

Post by Anna Zhu on Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:06 pm

General information

Character Name: Annabelle "Anna" Zhu
Age: looks 15/ is 958
Birth date:August 16th
Current home:Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Bi
Supernatural entity: Vampire (Rebecca Sire Line)

Physical Description

Dress Style: Gothic

Background Information

Anna lived in a small village a little to the north of Mystic Falls, right on the fringe of where the Vikings had landed. She was the daughter of a political marraige between one of the local groups and recently arrived Vikings. Her father, Damian had been abusive to both her mother, and as soon as she hit the age where she could walk, Anna herself. This was her constant state of beings until the night a group of new people came, the Mikealson family. Anna embarrased herself in front of the group. That night, her father decided to punish her, and beat her unconsious, along with her mother when she tried to step in.

Damian left the two of them lying on the floor. At this point Rebecca ended up finding the two of them and giving them some of her blood to heal the pair before leaving with her family. When Damian came back to find the two fully healed he got even angrier, and ended up beating the pair to death. When the two woke up turned, they proceded to kill Damian, drinking his blood before rampanging and destroying the village. The mother daughter pair ended up traveling a fair bit, eventually meeting up and becoming friends with Kathrine.

Anna's Mother was catured and entombed when they were in Mystic Falls in 1864, and has come back to the town in hopes of find a way to free her mother.


Mother: Pearl/ 975 (looks 32)/ Unkown/ Vampire
Father: Damian/ 43 / Deseased/ Human
Siblings: None

Family History: (1 Paragraph)
The marriage between Pearl and Damian was an arranged one, an attempt to arrange peace between the people currently living there and the recently landed Vikings. Damian was one of the Vikings that had settled the land near them. On the other hand, Pearl was part of a family of roamers that had been exiled from their native land a long time ago. The group had decided to settle down near Mystic fall not long before the vikings showed up. The issue with the marraige ended up being that Damian was rather abusive, something that Pearl suffered though, her only respite was while she was carring Anna, though it got worse when she did not birth a son.
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Re: Anna Zhu

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