Exploring Mytsic Falls (Open)

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Exploring Mytsic Falls (Open)

Post by Cassie Montez on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:59 am

Cassie had just few days ago moved with her family to Mystic Falls and she really haven't really met much people around here. Well these few days she did mostly unpack her stuff so far, she didn't attend to school today and thank god much didn't happen there. She didn't like to be new kid in her class but she needed to be over it. She tried not to draw much attention to herself. She really tried to do it.

And now today after school she decided to go explore the Mystic Falls more. She just wanted to get familiar with this place. She knew that she will need to stay here for years now. So it was probably better to get know what kind of people live here. She knew that here was vampires, other werewolves, witches and probably something more already. She really hoped that she won't be killed by some of these creatures. She hopes she can protect herself.
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