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Leviticus Harmon

Post by Leviticus Harmon on Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:39 am

General information

Character Name: Leviticus Harmon
Age: 901
Apparent Age: 22
Birth date: February 01 1092
Date of Death: Febuary 01 1114
Current home: Various high-end residences across multiple countries. 
Sexual alignment: Bisexual
Supernatural entity: Vampire (Elijah Sire Line)

Physical Description


Dress Style: Classy, Suits, Suit Coats and Ties, Always Expensive, Never Ostentatious 

Background Information

History: Levi was born to French servants in a royal house. He was raised to follow in their footsteps and serve the noble family. All throughout his childhood, Leviticus questioned the inborn right of the nobility and the punishments for these questions eventually fostered a resentment of them within him. When Leviticus was 6, his father was sent as a levee to fight against peasant uprisings in the countryside and was killed. His mother was never quite the same and Leviticus found himself taking up more and more of her duties to avoid their masters kicking her out onto the streets.

At 22, Leviticus found himself performing all the duties of two people and believed himself indispensable to the family. This was proved to be a tragic misconception. While waiting on group of "close friends," odd because Levi thought he knew all of this masters' acquaintances, he found himself the main course for the newcomers and was bled to death over the course of several hours. With his final breath, Leviticus cursed the world which had never given him a chance.

Levi was quite surprised to wake up after that. It seemed that the elder brother of one of the guests to exception to his sibling's wanton behavior and turned the man whom he had nearly dismembered in a vain attempt to teach him that his actions had consequences. So it was that Leviticus Harmon became a vampire, slain by Niklaus and raised by Elijah.

In his new unlife, Leviticus swore that he would never allow himself to be placed under the heel of fate again. He became obsessed with amassing wealth and power, a goal which he pursues to this day. Leviticus's personal path towards these things is that of a blood merchant. His contacts in the witch community, with which his relations have been unceasingly fair, cordial and profitable, have outfitted him with containers which magically keep blood fresh for indefinite amounts of time.

Using these instruments, Leviticus has been gathering, bottling and selling rare blood for hundreds of years. His oldest "vintages" come from before the industrial revolution and lack the chemical impurities found in modern blood. In addition to his ancient bloods, Leviticus own large tracks of land in remote areas of the world where he performs bloodline experiments, many under the guise of communities for healthy living. He has amassed an immense fortune from these ventures and multiplied it through careful investment and shrewd side-businesses. In the last hundred or so years, money has rather lost its value to Leviticus, barring global economic Armageddon, he shall never for the rest of his eternal life. Instead, Leviticus has taken up trading in favors and playing the game for the game's own sake. In addition, those old enough to know Leviticus well are beginning to see a dangerous, unpredictable trend develop in his behavior was never present before...


Mother: Adelina Harmon / 31 / Deceased / Human 
Father: Guis Harmon
 / 22 / Deceased / Human
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Re: Leviticus Harmon

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