Thanayelle Semele

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Thanayelle Semele

Post by Thana Semele on Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:44 pm

General information

Character Name: Thanayelle Semele
Age: 16
Birth date: 28/07
Current home: Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Supernatural entity: TBA

Physical Description


Dress Style:  Casual Punk, however dresses to fit the occasion when needed

Background Information

History: Thana was born and raised an New York, and as such got used to the high life. Though she didn’t always like the spotlight, her parents, prominent parliamentary members always made sure she had her best side. At age 11 she got a modelling contract, and began doing photoshoots for people like Vogue and Dancing Magazine. She is a quadruple threat, she can sing, dance, is artistic and very smart. However instead of being a big socialite, the only famous parts she embraced really were the photo shoots. Then rarely even looked at the magazines’ she was in.

Her parents are both prominent hunters in the supernatural community however Thana when told showed no interest, and instead told her parents to go jump when they tried to get her to join them. Thana would rather spend time in pubs, and tattoo’ parlours then go out hunting Vampire’s or whatever there is out there. She doesn’t care if they are out there they aren’t her problem in her opinion.

Recently her parents decided to move to Mystic Falls, and Thana moved with them. Though she is known for her intelligence she is horrid at school and prefers to hang out with the skaters and cut class. Subjects hold no interest for her, and she is very one minded. If something doesn’t interest her she doesn’t pay attention to it.  Her parents have taken up new jobs in Mystic Falls as the local and state ministers and since her blunt defiance to join their ‘real job’ do not pay too much attention to their daughter. Of course they love her and they all get on well, however they know that Thana does not want to know which targets they are going for. She would rather know who is running for what election. And in turn they don’t ask about school for her. As long as Thana doesn’t get arrested her parents don’t mind what she does.

Unbeknown to Thana her parent’s family tree is a lot more extensive and interesting then what she or anyone has been told. They are both descendant of original hunters, and Thana holds special blood inside her she just doesn’t know it. Nor does she think she is anything other then a blood hunter. Someone with the blood but doesn’t hunt.

Currently Thana is getting used to the new town, and while her parents are off at functions and such Thana is checking out the skate parks, tattoo parlours and pubs. Even though she is underage she still quite easily gets into pubs and she is getting inspiration for some new music so when her friends come down for a visit they can get a couple of casual recordings done.  Thana enjoys that not every single person reads Vogue and not many people recognize her other then as her parents daughter. She likes that not many people annoy her and the skaters that do know her like her for who she is and she happily chills with them.


Mother: Jules Semele / Age: 39/ Living or Deceased : Living / Species : Human Hunter, blood carrier
Father: John Semele/ Age : 41/ Living or Deceased : Living Species : Human Hunter, blood carrier

Family History:
The Semele’s are a very old, very well known, very hated  Hunter family amongst the supernatural community.  Jules and John met through mutual family friends in the Hunter community and decided to tie the blood lines together. Marrying in their mid twenties. In the human community Jules and John are well known politicians. Jules has her degree in Law and was a lawyer for several years before joining her husband in the Political area. They moved to New York where they had their only child, a daughter. Who as firstborn daughter and only child and seventh generation firstborn daughter received the blood carrier gene. Recessive for the past three hundred years it came out in her, namely with her white hair and blue eyes. Though they didn’t tell their daughter what she was.

The Semele’s remained in politics in New York for 16 years until they decided to move to Mystic Falls and took up political positions in the town.  Currently quite comfortable in the human side, and looking for vampire’s in the supernatural one. John took up deputy mayor, and Jules took up head of legislative council. Quite happy to dip their fingers in cold water, they sit comfortably in a nice house just out of town and have no problem splashing their money around.
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Re: Thanayelle Semele

Post by Elena Gilbert on Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:11 pm

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