Sithis Nonomyth

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Sithis Nonomyth

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:00 pm

General information

   Character Name: Sithis Nonomyth
   Age: 27(130)
   Birth date: 2/7
   Current home: Mystic Falls
   Sexual alignment: Hetrosexual
   Supernatural entity: Vampire

   Physical Description

Sithis Nonomyth

   Dress Style: Jacket, Pants, Boxers, Gloves, Boots, Socks, Tank top.

   Background Information

   History: Sithis was born in Russia somewhere in Russia. He was trained by the mightiest of Tuters. And Underwent a Great Training Regine. Sadly that was short lived when a person wiped off his Family. Sithis Sought Vengeance but failed when he released it was a Vampire. He he had his blood sucked off and he was then forced to turn. Over the years, Sithis traveled around and seeked Damon out. To make him pay for what he has done. For Turning him to a vampire and also to find out the Killer of his Family. He now Resides in Mystic Falls and Is a Bartender.

Non Existence, Killed off.


   Family History: The Nonomyths are well known for their wealth. One of the Richest People in Russian History. However the members of the Nonomyths were wiped out and so were the countless Members by some unknown Vampire. There isn't really much to know about it. Other then they were rich, famous and powerful. At this point of time only one Nonomyth Member remains he goes by Sithis Nonomyth the Playboy. Who beds lots of women and works at a bar.

Most of Sithis time he spends working at the Bar. While Secretly recovering his Families Treasure to be Rich and raise a Empire that will counter vampires. You see The Nonomyth Family also hates Vampries. They were hunters until The Vampires killed them. Wiping them from the Face of the map. Now only Sithis remains a vampire that hates Vampires and Wants to Build a Empire of Hunters to Kill all the vampires in existence.

Well there is one more existing family left. However he is currently also a Vampire. Embracing it to be honest. Sithis does not know the name of his Brother or his origins all he knows there's one more left alive and his a vampire. His younger brother. Living the dream as a vampire.

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Re: Sithis Nonomyth

Post by Elena Gilbert on Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:26 pm

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