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Elena Gilbert

Post by Elena Gilbert on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:04 pm

General information

Character Name: Elena Gilbert
Age: 20
Birth date: June 22 1992
Current home: Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Supernatural entity: Vampire

Physical Description

Elena Gilbert

Dress Style: Casual/Sporty usually in jeans and a tank top

Background Information

History: It is said that Elena was born to Miranda and Grayson Gilbert however this is not actually true Grayson being a doctor adopted Elena and tampered with the birth records hiding Elena's true family. This was done because Grayson and his wife wanted a child but were having trouble conceiving one and also to protect Elena's birth mother. Elena lost her parents Miranda and Gilbert when they died in a car crash. She had a hard time getting over their deaths and pulled herself away from a lot of the activities that she used to enjoy.

However she became interested in a new student Stefan Salvatore and eventually began to date him. Later she found out that him and his brother are vampires. Though she just became more interested about them and fell deeper in love with Stefan. He became her crutch and she leaned on him when she was having a hard time. She thought his brother was more of jerk when he fed her some of his blood before she went over a bridge where Stefan was there to rescue her but she told him to rescue Matt first. She was to die however it was discovered that she had vampire blood in her system and transitioned into a vampire. She had a slight drawing towards Damon though she found out that was because it was she was sired to him. When they thought her brother was dead and Elena was going over the edge Damon told her to flip the switch (Humanity Switch) She did so and was unrecognizable until Stefan tortured her to turn the switch back on. This brought them closer together instead of further away.


Biological Mother: Isobel Flemming / 29/31 / Deceased / Vampire
Adopted Mother: Miranda Gilbert / 37/ Deceased / Human
Biological Father/adopted uncle: John Gilbert / 30 / Living / Human
Adopted Father: Grayson Gilbert / 38 / Deceased  
Brother: Jeremy Gilbert / 19 / Living / Hunter
SireLine: Niklaus' bloodline
Family History: The Gilbert Family is one of the main Founding Families in The Vampire Diaries. They seem to be a fairly wealthy family, possessing a house (formerly owned as of Stand By Me after Elena burnt it down), a small building, which was originally Grayson Gilbert's Office and a lake house. The Gilbert family has been linked to the Lockwood Family, the Salvatore Family, the Forbes Family, and the Fell Family since the 1800's.) Jeremy and Elena are the last remaining members of the Gilbert family.
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Re: Elena Gilbert

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