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Stefan Salvatore

Post by Stefan Salvatore on Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:17 pm

General information

Character Name: Stefan Salvatore
Age: 17/174
Birth date: October 3
Current home: Mystic Falls
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Supernatural entity: Vampire

Physical Description

Dress Style: Casual,  gentlemanly

Background Information

Stefan was born during the 1800's and lived in the colonial town of Mystic Falls with his older brother Damon,  his father, Giuseppe Salvatore, and also with his mother Lillian Salvatore until her death in 1858. He became a vampire in 1864.  During the years following his transition, despite the help from close friend Lexi Branson, Stefan has constantly battled with his bloodlust, and during the 1900's after "falling off the wagon" due to Damon's unhealthy influence, he widely became known as the Ripper of Monterrey due to his inability to control his blood thirst. For a brief time, Stefan was romantically involved with the Original, Rebekah Mikaelson, and shared a close friendship with her brother, Niklaus.
After many years away, Stefan returned to his hometown of Mystic Falls to visit his distant nephew, Zach. Stefan saw Elena Gilbert for the first time while rescuing her after her parents' car drove off Wickery Bridge. After finding her personal records and observing her from afar, Stefan determined that Elena was definitely not Katherine. Still, he was strongly intrigued by her and decided to pose as a new transfer student at Mystic Falls High School to get to know her. They are instantly drawn to each other and they immediately bond, beginning a romantic relationship shortly afterwards. However, despite them becoming romantically involved, Elena was turned into a vampire, by accident by his brother. Ending up sired to him, and Stefan and Elena had a hard time but they worked through it,  and only got closer. Damon and Stefan roughly patched things up and  they begin working together to protect Elena, along with her friends and family.


Mother: Lillian Salvatore / 38/193 / Living / Vampire
Father: Giuseppe Salvatore / 53 / Deceased / Human
Brother: Damon  Salvatore / 25/174/ Living  / Vampire

Family History:
Family History: The Salvatore Family is one of the Founding Families in the series. The family originally comes from Florence, Italy, as evidenced by the Florentine seal on some parts of the Salvatore Boarding House. Like the Petrova family, the Salvatore family is also known for having a bloodline of doppelgängers, known as the Salvatore Doppelgängers. The Salvatore Family has been linked to both the Petrova Family and the Bennett Family since 1st century BC, also known as the Biblical Times. The Salvatore Family has also been linked with the Gilbert Family, the Lockwood Family, the Fell Family, and the Forbes Family since the mid 1800's
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Re: Stefan Salvatore

Post by Elena Gilbert on Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:22 pm

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