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Marzipan McClintock

Post by Marzipan McClintock on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:17 am

General information

Character Name: Marzipan McClintock
Age: 16
Birth date: September 19 1999
Current home: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Sexual alignment: TBD
Supernatural entities: The **** are those?

Physical Description


Dress Style: Secondhand hoodies, stained tank-tops, ripped jeans, the blood of her foes
Appearance: Marzipan looks tough. She doesn't try to hide her steel-cable physique or the aura of barely restrained violence which practically oozes from her. Some people consider Marzipan pretty although she deviates significantly from traditional standards and any who express such sentiments end up with broken fingers.  

Background Information

History: Marzipan grew up in foster homes all across the Eastern Seaboard. She has no memories of her birth family. She was not aware other people had such a thing until she was 6 years old. The foster system has many kind and generous souls whose reasons for taking in wayward children are entirely unselfish. Marzipan did not encounter these types of people. Her guardians were, by and large, neglectful, bitter, drunken and violent. Their names and faces have blurred together. In her memory, they are little more than a series of notional storms, crashing into her life, washing away a bit more of her faith in humanity and leaving only to return under a new name and begin the process again.

Her life early life was an inexorable downward spiral. The more the world tried to break her, the harder she fought back. The harder she fought back, the worse her reputation within the system became. The worse her reputation, the fewer her prospects for a healthy home. The viler the people who were given power over her became, the more she saw the world as trying to break her. And although she refused to be broken, her foundations became progressively more and more cracked.

At 12 years old, Marzipan finally snapped. It wasn't anything that her new "mother" had done. It was her first day in the woman's house. In fact, the woman never said more than 8 coherent words to Marzipan. Those words were "We got some ground rules around here, princess." Everything else was half-formed curses, screams and sobs as Marzipan chewed off her ear.

After that, only one couple wanted her: Shushana and Hiram Wates of Christiansberg, Virginia. The Wates's were unlike any family Marzipan had ever encountered. They lived in the woods outside of town, nowhere near the inner city. They had no other kids, instead of the three or four others she was used to.  They had work and money and food. But most of all they had, if not love then patience. Slowly, things got better.

Her life was by no means perfect. Shushana and Hiram were strict disciplinarians but ultimately fair. Marzipan worked every day she lived with them, mostly odd jobs on their small farm or favors for friends in town, but they paid her for it. For days at a time, one or both of them would disappear on strange, unexplained trips only to return with equally unexplained injuries. At school, Marzipan made no real friends and still fought often, although much less than she once had. Quickly, her foster parents realized that there was nothing they could do to take the rage from Marzipan, it was too deep within her but they did know ways of channeling it. So they gave her an outlet, a regime of condition, fighting and survival. Hiram had been Special Forces and Shushana had been... something else. Marzipan had more than a natural aptitude for their training, she had a hunger for it.

The day her foster parents disappeared seemed no different from a hundreds of others. The phone rang, Shushana picked it up, grew pale and within an ten minutes she and her husband had grabbed their go-bags slipped into the car and left, telling Marzipan only that they were going to Mystic Falls and would be back in a few days. That night, somebody with Sushana's cellphone called Marzipan. It was a violation of one of the most basic rules she had been taught and it meant something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Within fifteen minutes, Marzipan had grabbed her go-bag, stolen a motorcycle from her neighbors and was on her way to Mystic Falls.

It has been two days. Marzipan has found few clues as to the whereabouts of her guardians but something is definitely strange in this town.


Birth Mother: Janet Smith / 41 / Living / Human
Father: Svyatopol Matveyev / 52 / Deceased / Human
Foster Mother: Shushana Wates / 49 / Deceased / Human (Hunter)
Foster Father: Hiram Wates / 48 / Deceased / Human (Hunter)

Family History:Janet Smith: US Secret Agent captured in 1998 during covert ops against a budding warlord in Uzbekistan. Gave birth to Marzipan in a US Embassy, gave her up and went back to work.

Svytatopol Matveyev: A budding warlord in Uzbekistan, captured and fathered a child on a US Secret Agent. Later died of "natural causes."

Shushana Wates: Former US Secret Agent, lifelong friend of Janet Smith, turned hunter after an experience with werewolves in Central America

Hiram Wates: Scion of ancient hunter clan. Broke with family to join US military, returns to the life after hearing of supernatural-related casualties within the family.

Aforementioned Ancient Hunter Clan: Guardians/wielders of the Excalibur, used to slay witches and werewolves since the 5th century and vampires since the 11th, granted power through generations of spilling magical blood.

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Re: Marzipan McClintock

Post by Thana Semele on Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:05 am


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Re: Marzipan McClintock

Post by Marzipan McClintock on Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:42 pm

Sweet! I think there's a lot of potential for connecting Thana and Marzipan. We both seem to have the "hunter clan" hook going for us. at least. I bet Marzipan's foster parents knew Thana's folks, at the very least.

I am amending the backstory a little bit, I think I'd prefer for Marzipan to be a much more recent arrival in Mystic Falls than I originally indicated.

Also, I read the rules section but picturing Marzipan without swearing requires a little bit of literary acrobatics. Is the bleeping out thing I did in the profile section acceptable or should I go with a complete removal of even the suggestion of foul language?

On Excalibur and the Mystery of the Missing Parents: I personally have no plans for either of these plot lines, I just put them out there as interesting hooks. I love to see them explored but if the RP goes in a different direction I am unopposed to that.
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Re: Marzipan McClintock

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